Friday, 16 July 2010

Olivia Palermo's Paris trip on Blog

Vogue just did an article on Olivia and Johanne's romantic trip to Paris for "THE VOGUE BLOG."


We love our friend Olivia Palermo (star of The City), who keeps us posted on her travels. Here, she's sent us a visual postcard from Paris, where she just spent a romantic weekend with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl (we call him Johotness).

What I packed:
Jet Set ballet pumps keep me quick on my toes - and they're ideal for cycling in, too.
Nancy Gonzalez passport cover, from
Kif If cardies - I can't leave the house without them! I always have at least one in my bag; they conveniently scrunch down to nothing.
Bensoni dress - it's one of my favorite summer dresses. The pattern is divine, and I love the effortlessly chic cut.
My Valentino couture clutches for instant dress-up.
My iPad.
Finally, I can't leave without Johannes!


Dont you love the way she sets out her clothes at the hotel? As if shes going to style a shoot? Also loving the tres chic red breton with a long skirt. TImelessly classic, she really incorporated a parisienne chic into her style for the trip .


  1. Thankyou! You made my day! Please follow me for more updates!


  2. do you know what brand the black sunglasses are that look like raybans?