Monday, 9 August 2010

Who wore it better, Olivia or Kim?

Who wore it better?
I believe that Olivia is the queen of accessories, she creatively adds boots, a scarf and a cardigan to make this a more day appropriate look for the Preen fashion show she attended. However Kim's Curves and simple YSL heels let the beautiful dress really shine.

You decide.


  1. Olivia looks like a bag of bones compared to Kim.

  2. Love this dress and love Olivia, but I have to say Kim wore it best!

  3. Although Liv's complexion leaves a bit to be desired, she is my fav here. Some dresses require a certain frame in order to be 'compatible' with it. This one was, undeniably, tailored for the less flesh opulent ones. Nevertheless, no offence intended for the fabulously curvy ones ;)